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The Art of Design

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The Duende

of Guirado Legacy

Using my understanding of textile design and art I am inspired by my late father Juan Antonio Guirado's most enlightening art work, that lends itself beautifully to textile print and design.

I wish to bring these elements into people's homes as beautiful and inspirational designs for lifestyle accesories that create a feeling of serenity and glamour as well as stunning fabric prints that are a focal point when worn.

Each design inspiration compliments and resinates with the other, reflecting the universal flow of energy.

More than just design, Guirado Legacy  embodies the  gypset  (part gypsy + jet-set)  lifestyle of both father and daughter, with an emphasis on the Spanish Andalusian flamenco culture mixed with the rock 'n' roll bohemian glamour of California. 

Catalina Guirado-Cheadle


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Welcome !

Explore MORE about Guirado Legacy designs and the original fine art by Juan Antonio Guirado.

 Aura design in turquoise. The design looks stunning printed on this silk chiffon shawl.

 Aura design in turquoise. The design looks stunning printed on this silk chiffon shawl.


With a catalogue of over 200 paintings by Juan Antonio Guirado to draw inspiration from there is a constant fresh source to create bespoke designs for licensing and collaborations.

Visit the design page for examples of the capsule  collection of prints to see how the original paintings are transformed  to digital print design and how they work as interior, textile and lifestyle designs. 

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NEW- Beautiful limited edition prints of select original paintings by Juan Antonio Guirado are available to buy for the first time.

Visit 'The Print Shop' to select which stunning prints you wish to own for yourself. For enquiries about larger limited edition prints please email 


BUY! - Limited edition prints of the original paintings by the Spanish master painter Juan Antonio Guirado. Printed on the highest quality paper and with a certificate of authenticity and edition from the Guirado Estate. This is the first time that prints are being created of the artists work since his death in 2010. Juan Antonio Guirado was an internationally acclaimed Spanish artist that started his main artistic career after immigrating to Australia and being inspired by the indigenous art and spirituality of the country. He developed his unique style of painting  influenced by  abstract surrealism in the late 1960s and had over 50 major international exhibitions in his lifetime with works in major museums including the Reina Sofia , Madrid. 

Visit the Guirado Estate website to learn more about the visionary artist that was so prolific and academically important in Spanish art yet was overlooked by the art establishment of the time.

The  Boutique - Beach Karma Besos

The  Boutique - Beach Karma Besos

The Legacy Collection  

  • Beautiful prints designed by Catalina for her personal boho chic lifestyle collection including limited edition Italian Silk Scarves and Aluminum Prints for your home.

  • Catch up with Catalina in her blog Boho Besos where she shares her favorite designers,  holistic beauty treatments, gypsies holiday getaways and more.


 Discover Beach Karma Besos  

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ONLY Available by order at Beach besos Boutique & ETSY




For licensing and all other enquiries please contact