The Zone face lift - A holistic facial to reboot your face & soul.

Last week in London I was lucky enough to receive a holistic facial by my beautiful friend Charbec Baker. Her treatment room is based in the heart of Chelsea and enabled me to remove myself from the hustle and bustle of London's hot pavements ( we are in the middle of a glorious summer) and transplant to an air-conditioned zen-like abode. I was there to try out the much hyped 'Zone Face Lift' that uses  pressure point massage along with Native American techniques, Asian body mapping and healing herbs. Having lived in California for the past eighteen years I consider myself pretty knowledgable on the power of crystals and their healing properties. It's finally now that I am finding London catching up to what I have been practicing for over 20 years! and I am happy to see this new attitude. Maybe it's due to the increase in stress caused by work and society that we need to re adjust our attitude and be open to alternative healing for the body and soul. As more and more celebrities preach the benefits of trancendental meditation ( something the more enlightened have known for hundreds of years) we see a return to hippy culture with millennial polish and price tag attached. Could this be a new addition to the Gypset culture? Julia Chapman has brought us Gypset Travel, Style and Living, maybe her next adventure could be Gypset holistic retreats. I'd be more than happy to help her research!

A beautifully prepared treatment room using assorted crystal wands, rollers and massagers as well as vegan products by Aēsop.

A beautifully prepared treatment room using assorted crystal wands, rollers and massagers as well as vegan products by Aēsop.

To start with Charbec cleansed my face and exfoliated using all natural and vegan products by Aesop. She then applied a nourishing mask to my face whilst attention turned to the other end of my body; my hot and tired feet. After the initial apology of the state of my feet ( they were slightly blistered by sandals and hours of walking around Londons dirty hot pavements) she started to sooth away the pain with reflexology. I breathed out and relaxed for the first time in weeks as the stress started to exit my body. I may have compared her to Mary Madeline at this point as the song 'Everything's Alright' from  Jesus Christ Superstar strangely entered my head. Maybe I was having a spiritual moment and Andrew Lloyd Webber is how I react to the holistic healing process, who knows? All I can say was I had very happy feet ( sorry, another musical reference, you see the pattern here? ). 

The Zone Facelift

Returning to my face, an organic oil was applied for the relaxing, renewing and uplifting Zone Face Lift treatment which includes facial reflexology, facial massage, Gua Sha using a Jade tool as well as crystals and acupressure rollers. As my face was plumped and massaged I noticed some pain in my jaw area which Charbec thought was due to stress ( I had suffered an eye migraine the week before) and was given some release techniques to try at home. The treatment ended with a sage and sound bath that cleansed my aura ( one must not forget what one cannot see) and as I sat up I felt glowing and cleansed from top to toe, literally. 


As I had not seen my pets in LA for three weeks I was feeling desperately in need of a doggy cuddle so as an extra bonus I got to meet her gorgeous Cavpoo who fittingly showed me his best down dog, or was he just bowing in recognition he was in the company of a big cat ? ;)



I highly suggest a visit to see Charbec for reflexology. She is not only exceptionally good at her profession but her serenity and beauty add to the zen of the experience. As I wondered back onto the streets of London I felt lighter in spirit and my face glowed. You can visit her website for details of all treatment and how to book appointments. Thank you again for revitalizing me Charbec!