Guirado Design & The Karma Sanctum hotel collaborate

Luxury lifestyle and accessories brand, Guirado Design, has collaborated with Sanctum Soho Hotel, to create The Guirado Suite and remodel he hotel’s No.20 dining room using ornamental prints inspired by the work of the late Andalusian master painter, Juan Antonio Guirado.

The Guirado Suite marries Guirado’s intrarealist artwork with the rock and roll ethos of the Sanctum Soho Hotel. The wallpaper is a unique reworking of Guirado’s original painting Apocalypse, and is paired with complementary soft furnishings, featuring the skull as the main focal point.

In addition to the suite, Guirado Design has also reworked Sanctum Soho Hotel’s dining room ‘No.20’ with bespoke match repeat wallpaper design in gold and a complimentary mural in dusky, dark pink.
The Guirado Design team said:

“Guirado’s life was eponymous with music, fashion and art and the collaboration with The Sanctum Soho hotel is the ultimate tribute to his work,” says the Guirado Design team. “The interior has managed to blend classic art with current styles, producing a timeless effect. Given we are London’s classic rock and roll hotel, Guirado Design is the perfect partnership.”