An Art Legacy

Becomes a creative philosophy.

Guirado Legacy

Guirado Legacy  is the perfect fusion of art, design, music, fashion and glamour curated to create a completely unique and thoughtful luxury experience that has attracted collaborations with designers, hotels, wellness studios and musicians worldwide.

Guirado Legacy is more than just art. It is a way of life that embodies the bohemian glamor or gypset (gypsy + jet set) lifestyle with the emphasis on Mediterranean culture, Californian bohemian glamour and a pinch of London rock n roll attitude!

Using the art of her father Juan Antonio Guirado ( known in Andalusia as El Maestro) as inspiration, former model and British television personality Catalina Guirado has crafted a design vibe that maintains the philosophy of her fathers art accenting sustainability, wellness and an enlightened consciousness. Juan Antonio Guirado's art is strongly influenced by his spiritual beliefs, study of eastern philosophy and mans quest for enlightenment as well as environmental issues that are affecting our planet. 

Catalina's bohemian international lifestyle means she has her pulse on emerging artists, musicians and designers from all over the globe that capture the duende (spirit) of Guirado Legacy, as well as her own influences from music, fashion, film, 60s pop culture & urban art for a contemporary audience.

FILM 'El duende de Guirado Legacy' ( The spirit/essence of Guirado Legacy)